25 Days in Tokyo—1: Standing guard

In late October, 2015, I was in Tokyo, Japan for 25 days. I shot many photographs, and this series presents the most interesting, compelling, or touching scene I saw each day I was there…

Tokyo is always under construction. Something is always being built, rebuilt, renovated, upgraded, repaired, or maintained. So walking by, through, under, or over construction sites is pretty common. And these sites typically employ security guards, usually older men on pensions or limited incomes who need the money or want the work to keep busy. And I didn’t ask into which category this fellow placed himself, but it was clear he took the job very seriously…

Near Nakano Station, Tokyo 2015

(Near Life Nakano Ekimae, Tokyo 2015)


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    Dave S. October 6, 2016

    His face seems to have seen more than his fair share in life….

    • Reply
      Dan Ryan October 6, 2016

      It sure does.

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