My wife is in the hospital on her birthday…

She entered the hospital last night, for an ailment that is hers to disclose. Not life-threatening, but perhaps life-changing. She’s the best person I’ve ever known, so it was agony to see her writhing and shifting for hours in emergency room pain. I would have taken that nerve-lashing unto myself if I could.

And today is her 63rd birthday. I should be making her a favorite dinner, but she’s in a hospital bed on Opiate Street. “Time’s passing so slow” morphine-she said to me this morning. We both have less time than we used to have, but its savory quality has increased as we’ve aged.

I could’ve grown old with myself. I will likely grow old longer because of her. Not knowing what to do, and being a poor hospital tourist, I took some photographs when my wife didn’t need my attention. There will likely be more; but on her birthday when she can eat no cake on the inpatient ward, these will do…

KaiserMyBaby 2-4

The admitting technician was a fine fellow of compassionate demeanor.

Sunday night at Kaiser, South San Francisco, California 2016

A dinosaur-child in the hallway as my wife was moved from the ER to her room.

KaiserMyBaby 012-2

No names on the screen means no pain in a hallway for healing professionals.

KaiserMyBaby 017-1

She’s in bed and waiting, and monitoring time.

Kaiser Permanente, South San Francisco, California 2017


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    Tony Press January 9, 2017

    Wonderful photos — but a miserable occasion that prompted them. Take care, take care. And this: “We both have less time than we used to have, but its savory quality has increased as we’ve aged.”

    • Reply
      Dan Ryan January 9, 2017

      Much appreciated.

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    denys carrillo January 9, 2017

    wishing you both all the best, and a speedy and thorough recovery to her… i’m so sorry this is happening at all… but, the timing… !@#$%

    • Reply
      Dan Ryan January 10, 2017

      Yes, the timing is wretched. Thanks.

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    Nancy Lydon January 10, 2017

    Get well soon Michele, sending good healing vibes.

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    Kevin Wood January 11, 2017

    sorry to hear you are going through this. hope she has a speedy recovery

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      Dan Ryan January 11, 2017


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