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A scooter at midnight during the war

Down in San Bruno, California
there are renegades and vampires
running gun and overrunning every street.
There are always women in the crosswalks
shepherding their invisible children
to non-existent schools.
These women drink hard liquor for no pay,
because that’s their little piece
of The American Way.

RAW-ElCamino 477-1

Their husbands and wives are all off at war,
there is always a war,
and they never know where the war is,
who the war is against,
or if their husbands or wives will ever come home.

This just in:
The Defense Department and Bar and Grill
just announced nobody from San Bruno, California
is on active duty in the war.
They lied to their wives and went drinking
in the next town over for several months
because their invisible children
are easy prey for vampires,
make too much noise when they die,
and they couldn’t face it.

San Mateo Avenue, San Bruno, California 2017

Waldo’s beautiful sisters

It was a few days before Halloween in Tokyo, so I think these ladies were going to a costume party. But my Japanese being what it is, I didn’t have all the words required to properly ask them. It didn’t matter, they were happy to be photographed. Because it was Tokyo, they were beautiful, and that wouldn’t change whether they found Waldo or Wally or Wōrī later or not…

Waldo's beautiful sisters, Nakano 5-chome, Tokyo 2015

(Nakano 5-chome, Tokyo 2015)

One need not catch them all

I’m not a fan of the Pokémon franchise, I don’t play the mobile game, and don’t intend to start doing so. Still, without even trying at all I encountered a lively, free-range Pokémon whilst he was buying afterschool snacks at my local grocery store…

Brisbane RAW 980-1

(Midtown Market, Brisbane, California 2016. Also published on Scholars & Rogues.)

Pokémon à Go-go

The care and feeding of gacha machines

How do gashapon machines (ガシャポン) get filled? How are they maintained? Thanks to these two stout yeomen tending to a herd of gacha machines on a street in Ameyayokochō, now you know…

TokyoDay21 047-1

(Ueno, Tokyo 2015)

Toys and whimsy

I like toys, specifically toys of Japanese design. This is one view of my office, in my house. I should be running a toy store in Nakano Broadway or Akihabara. It’s almost a bit out of control, is what it is…

Brisbane, California 2016

(Brisbane, California, April 2016)