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At a Mexican supermercado, she really wanted some Cheetos…

RAW-ElCamino 1049-2

…so, by god, she got herself some Cheetos…

RAW-ElCamino 1050-1

(La Hacienda Market, South San Francisco, California 2016. Published with additional commentary on Scholars and Rogues.)

My day of shooting

Yesterday, Saturday, I didn’t even leave the Brisbane city limits. I had no ambitions, no agenda, so I just tooled around town, doing various little things and taking photographs as I went. Bopping around Brisbane isn’t like prowling the streets of San Francisco or Tokyo, but this town is visually rich if you just stop to take a considered look. Here are some samples of what I shot yesterday…

Brisbane RAW 7407-5

Midtown Market

Brisbane RAW 7409-4

Beautiful hair, Sierra Point Road

Brisbane Marina, California 2016

Brisbane Marina

Brisbane RAW 7432-2

Brisbane Marina docks ↑

Brisbane RAW 7448-1

Sierra Point Yacht Club ↑

(Brisbane, California 2016)