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She wasn’t happy…

…about having to walk by a parked delivery truck on a frequently-used residential street in Nakano 5-chome. But the driver couldn’t move because his delivery was where he had parked, and she was kind of a fussy old bitch about it, so my sympathies aligned with the working man.

Nakano 5-chome, Tokyo 2015

(Nakano 5-chome, Tokyo 2015)


He was smiling his way through Takadanobaba Station on Halloween, a night that’s crazy in Tokyo. The Yamanote Line crowd was a thick slurry of rush hour commuters and partiers in transit. His white cane made his blindness obvious. That and the cardboard mikoshi on his head made him stand out. His face held joy and purpose, and what he was doing took guts. I felt respect for him, and hoped his Halloween was happy…

TokyoDay5 057-1

(Takadanobaba Station, Tokyo 2015)

I am dynamic Tokyo kung-fu dancing…

Just a guy, a bit too much in his cups perhaps, that I photographed in Nihonzutsumi in Tokyo. He was next to a vacant lot where a Nodaya liquor store used to stand. I liked him. He was a nice, chemically happy man…

TokyoDay17 044-1

(Nihonzutsumi, Tokyo, November, 2015)

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